quarter century

I have never really understood new years resolutions. They seem very arbitrary to me. Everyone in the world decides to change their life, all at once. That is a flawed system.

I declare a new system: birthday resolutions.

This evenly distributed resolutions throughout the year, and won't overload places like gyms and counselling centres. It also just makes good sense. Why would I make resolutions at 24.8 years old? I like whole numbers. Whole things. Entire pies instead of a measly piece. With ice cream. I digress.

Without further ado, I present my quarter century resolutions because in about two hours I will be twenty five years old. I sit, in my half clean kitchen with my wet hair in a towel, drinking expensive wine I didn't purchase, listening to Iron & Wine, promising myself that 25 is going to be a big year. Because it is.

I promise.

1. Seek upwards for Christ

2. Look outward to ground myself

3. Pursue whole health (spiritual, mental, physical, relational)

4. Pick my people and pursue them

5. Overcome complacency and replace with contentment

5.5 Stop distracting myself from my life and my goals

5.75 Actually set some goals

6. Finish my dang cookbook

7. Eat more colours and less animals

8. Consume less and create instead

9. Run further and harder towards something of substance (hopefully a marathon finish)

Hindsight is 2020, right?


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