anywhere, anytime, through anything.

Coming at you with another blog post dripping in honesty, and sweat, because I had the thought for this post at the end of my run. I was so out of breath I couldn't even take a voice memo so I ran home (slowly) grabbed my laptop and here we are. Yes, I'm a runner now. Even I'm rolling my eyes. Honestly, the Lord is super mysterious guys. But...

He will meet you anywhere and speak through anything. Even Nike Run Club. Hear me out.

I am in week three of the introduction coaching schedule on the app. During each run anonymous voices, sometimes Kevin Heart (he is everywhere!), chime in to give encouragement and instruction. Tonight I ran a benchmark. You warm up, then run as fast as you can for three minutes to show the coaching algorithm how to structure your plan and what you can handle. They explain at the end of the task that they use the benchmark to understand where you are at so it can to help you succeed.

When I run, I listen to christian music because it gives me hope that I'll finish. But on a real level, most spontaneous christian music has awesome instrumental builds which are super climactic and great for running.

All that to say, Jesus met me at the end of my run tonight - via Nike Run Club. The coach was saying "Good job, you finished stronger than you started. We are going to use this run and the challenge of it to help you become stronger and faster". What Jesus said was:

"Good job, you trusted me and followed me through the rough. I am using the struggles you have been through to lay your path and will turn the pain into good. Because I have triumphed, you will triumph."

I was lifting my hands to stretch out the stitch in my side - and ended up worshiping the Christ who allowed His side to be pierced for me. For you.

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