hey, i'm jessie

I like to try new things and then write about it.

I also like to design books and events,
things that people can be totally immersed in. 

I hope this space is one in which you can learn something new, take your time, relax and laugh (if you think I’m funny). You can expect ramblings on why carbs are important for the soul and vegetables are important for the body. On my slow journey into the world of essential oils and toxic free living, on an attempt at living without plastic, and other good intentions that I might develop. Really, this is where I chat about the things I’m trying to accomplish and hard life stuff.

I am a bit of a hippie at heart. I thrive on change and variety – just check out my Netflix recently watched, its a hot pot. My education is in publishing and my background is in customer service. A passion I have is for book design and luckily I have some friends who let me help with theirs. I really just love creating beautiful spaces, whether that’s on a page or at an event. It’s my dream to plan a wedding in IKEA so if that’s your dream too, lets chat.



 I love creating beautiful spaces, especially for celebrations. I have a few philosophies when it comes to events...

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I can help drive traffic to your business using consistent content and eye-catching advertisements to engage clients.

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This includes posters, advertisements, resumes, business cards, business identity, the list goes on.

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My first love of design is books. I am obsessed with margins and type faces. This also translates into magazines and brochures. Anything with lots of words really. I enjoy words.


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